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Special occasions

Bespoke Bouquets
My bespoke bouquets for presentations, conferences, concerts, parties and funerals are a carefully selected mixture of unusual varieties and old flower garden favourites. They’re usually cut, conditioned and prepared for collection or delivery on the same day, which means they stay fresher and last longer than high street flowers that will often have travelled a thousand miles to the shop. I choose only perfect blooms and arrange or hand tie them in a natural way.

Floral design and installation
I have an art, craft and interior design background, so I’m always open to new ideas. I’m used to working with photographers and stylists and very interested in finding the right combinations of flowers for unusual surroundings and expert needs. Behind this flexible approach there’s always the thrill of knowing that being among English cut flowers will lift the heart. Please contact me to discuss what you’re looking for, or visit the flower field to make your own selection.

Flower buckets
I can also supply generous bucketfuls of flowers for you to make into bouquets or arrange yourself.


Photoshoots and styling
Need something very special for photography or film? I work with photographers and stylists to select perfect and long-lasting blooms, unusual varieties and stunning combinations of flowers and foliage. Contact me to discuss what you’re looking for, or come and visit the flower field to make your own selection.